Piping Materials



Elbow is a commonly used fitting that gets its name from its elbow-like shape. It is shaped to divert the flow at a certain angle, and are essential components in piping systems where slopes or angles are required, or efficient fluid re-direction is needed.


Tee fittings are named after the letter "T", and create a branch in the direction of an existing fluid flow. Commonly used where diversion is required, such as for installing gauges or adding a new fluid flow for specific purposes.


Reducers are used when there is a change in diameter along a pipeline. Depending on the shape of the connecting ends, Reducers can be classified as threaded or welded types. Concentric and Eccentric Reducers are typically available as ready-made fittings for convenient purchase and use. However, for special dimensions, custom manufacturing may be required by expanding or modifying the pipe end.


A Cap is a fitting used for the closure of a pipeline. Its purpose is to seal the end of the pipe, similar to a Blind Flange. Caps are used in situations where there is no specific need for future connections to the pipeline. Compared to Blind Flanges, Caps are known for being more cost-effective.


Stud Ends are a component commonly used when connecting a pipe to a Lap Joint Flange.